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​Life-size show!

​A few minutes from La Chaumière, the Puy du Fou

​Le Puy du Fou® more than a park, a unique experience!

​​It's not for nothing that Puy du Fou® was voted the best amusement park in the world, it deserves it. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists come here in summer and winter to enjoy an avalanche of shows, each as beautiful as the next. More exactly, nearly 1.5 million visitors and counting! It's been going on for over 30 years and we want more.

Le Dernier Panache

​New in 2016, the Last Panache, a show now well established in 2023, consists of a large fresco of which only Puy du Fou has the secret around a colorful character, Charette de la Contrie! Discover these exploits, his fight, his feats of arms... on a 180° stage, mixing special effects and sumptuous sets.

Le Moulin de l'Etournaux

Le Signe du Triomphe

​​The Sign of Triumph Diehard Gauls, circus games, and unmissable Romans, the decor is set, majestic, grandiose, breathtaking, worthy of the greatest cinema films "Peplum"

​​​Richelieu Musketeer 

If you're a "fan" of swashbuckling films, you'll love romantic adventures, capers on horseback and as many flamenco ballets playing out before you in a frenzied rhythm and in the center of a gigantic theater. Relive the time of a unique show the time of the Musketeers of Richelieu!

Le Secret de la Lance au Puy du Fou

Le Secret de la Lance

Brave and reckless knights clash before your amazed eyes, jousts take place, they compete in tournaments, only one hope, a spear with fantastic powers will know how to protect the ramparts. Medieval atmosphere, battles galore, relive this harsh era!

Les Vickings spectacle du Puy du Fou

​The Vikings 

The warriors from the north land and attack peaceful little villagers living in the thatched-roof houses. "Peaceful"? Not so peaceful as that, and who dared to say that? …see instead…

​Le Mystère de la Pérouse

Le Mystère de la Pérouse

​Go sailors! Embark on an adventure and live a few moments with these proud and courageous navigators. Above all adventurers, who, at the risk of their lives, embarked on ships like La Pérouse. Everything is done for a striking and realistic immersion in the heart of a ship from that era. The sounds of the sea, waves, cannons, the creaks and creaks of wood, nothing is missing, so that you have the impression of being among and with the sailors in the middle of their journey! A show at the Grand Parc du Puy du Fou not to be missed!

​The Grand Parc is also many other shows that you will enjoy discovering during your visit to Vendée, The Path of Memory, The Imaginary World of La Fontaine, The Lovers of Verdun, The Knights of the Round Table , The Knights of the Round Table, The Fountains Show, The Automata Musicians, The Traditional Musicians, The Puy du Fou Odyssey and The Legend of Martin. But also what are called the between shows of Puy du Fou, such as Le Bourg 1900, Le Village XVIIIème, Le Fort de l'An Mil or La Cité Médiévale.

​la Cinéscénie

​Thousands of volunteers called the puyfolais make you relive the time of a sound and light show, part of the history of the Vendée. The qualifiers are largely below reality, difficult to talk about it, the figures are there, 24,000 costumes, a panoramic stage of 24 hectares and nearly 1,200 actors, and a series of tables which trace the history of a family local through the ages. Words are not enough to describe this colorful spectacle!