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Le Puy du Fou®, more than a park, a unique experience!

There’s a reason why Le Puy du Fou® has been voted the best amusement park in the world – it deserves it. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists come here in both summer and winter to enjoy a wealth of beautiful shows. More specifically, nearly 1.5 million visitors and it’s not over yet! The park has been receiving visitors for over 30 years and is still going strong.

New in 2016, the Dernier Panache (The Last Fight) is a great saga based on a colourful character, Charette de la Contrie, whose secrets only Le Puy du Fou knows! Discover his exploits, his fights, his feats of arms..
Le Dernier Panache New show at Le Puy du Fou
the Dernier Panache The Last Fight is a great saga based on a colourful character Puy du Fou

New in 2015, make way for Verdun, and more specifically, for the Lovers of Verdun. Relive the hell of explosions, the world of the First World War, through the writings of a soldier and his fiancée. Le Puy du Fou® still has many surprises in store for us!

Les Amoureux de Verdun New in 2015 from Le Puy du Fou
Puy du Fou Lovers of Verdun

This year, in 2014, we had the privilege of attending the Renaissance du Château (The Revival of the Castle), which was truly thrilling! As you pass by, the characters of the Castle come alive, talk to you and some ghosts still dance… Make no mistake about it, the castle is haunted to the delight of visitors.

La Renaissance du Château show at Le Puy du Fou

The Grand Parc® of Le Puy du Fou® and the daytime shows, over 1, 2 or 3 days.

The Vikings
The warriors from the north land and attack peaceful little villagers living in thatched houses. “Peaceful”? Not so peaceful, and who dared to say that?… see for yourself…
The Vikings show at the Grand Parc

Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes (The Dance of the Phantom Birds)
An ever-effective show we never get tired of, strange and impressive birds swirl above your head, sometimes brush past you… now we know where the little ones get their ideas from!
Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes The Dance of the Phantom Birds

Le Signe du Triomphe (Triumph’s Sign)
Die-hard Gauls, circus games, and unmissable Romans, the stage is set – majestic, grandiose, breathtaking, worthy of the greatest cinema epics.
Le Puy du Fou Le Signe du Triomphe Triumph’s Sign Show

Mousquetaire de Richelieu (Richelieu’s Musketeer)
If you are a fan of cape and sword films, you will love it! This fast-paced show in the centre of a gigantic theatre is filled with romantic adventures, horseback riding and flamenco ballets. Relive Richelieu’s musketeers through a unique show!
Les Mousquetaires de Richelieu Richelieu’s Musketeer, a show in the Grand Parc.

Le Secret de la Lance (The Secret of the Lance)
Brave and reckless knights go head to head before your amazed eyes! They joust and compete in tournaments with one hope – that a spear with fantastic powers will protect the ramparts. A medieval atmosphere, battles abound, relive this harsh era!
Puy du Fou Le Secret de la Lance The Secret of the Lance

The Grand Parc also has many other shows to discover during your visit to Vendée – Le Chemin de la Mémoire (The Memory Trail), Le Monde Imaginaire de La Fontaine (The Imaginary World of La Fontaine), Les Amoureux de Verdun (The Lovers of Verdun), Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde (The Knights of the Round Table), Les Grandes Eaux (The Great Waters), Les Automates Musiciens (The Mechanical Musicians), Les Musiciens Traditionnels (The Traditional Musicians), L’Odyssée du Puy du Fou (The Odyssey of Le Puy du Fou) and La Légende de Martin (The Legend of Martin).

But the park also offers what are known as the inter-shows, such as Le Bourg 1900 (The Village of 1900], Le Village XVIIIème (The 18th Century Village), Le Fort de l’An Mil (The Fort of the year 1000) or La Cité Médiévale (The Medieval Citadel).

The Fort of the year 1000 The 18th Century Village The Fort of the year 1000

The Medieval Citadel

Children are not forgotten and many attractions throughout the Grand Parc are specifically designed for them.
Les Jets Sauteurs (The Jumping Jets), Le Repaire des Enfants (The Children’s Lair), Le Labyrinthe des Animaux (The Animal Maze).

The Jumping Jets The Animal Maze The Children’s Lair

Le Puy du Fou®’s Cinéscénie® and the night shows, Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Cinéscénie
Thousands of volunteers known as the “Puyfolais” help you relive part of Vendée history through a sound and light show. Words fail to express the reality – the figures tell the story: in 2014, 24,000 costumes, one 24-hectare panoramic stage and nearly 1,200 actors, and a series of scenes that trace the history of a local family through time. Words are not enough to describe this colourful show!
The Cinéscénie night show at Le Puy du Fou

Les Orgues de Feux (The Fire Organ)
Every evening, characters dressed in illuminated clothes flow out of the old Puy du Fou lake and light up these quiet places. The programme features romantic musicians making elves and muses dance.
The Fire Organ

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